Frequently Asked Questions

SidelineApp is an innovative new web app, designed by kiwis for the benefit of grassroots sports. By combining world-class live streaming technology with video on demand and integrated social features, SidelineApp ensures sports fans never miss a game and teams maintain on-field camaraderie in between games.

Each game costs NZD$5.00 to view. This allow users access to live streaming of their chosen game as well as on-demand access to selected team pages for 7 days.

To register to view a game, please visit the ‘Event, School or Team Hub’ tab and select the event, school or team  you want to view.

Then you simply register and purchase an access pass and you’re good to go, with access to both live and on demand video content for the duration of the pass you purchased.

Absolutely! But sometimes calendar clashes, weather issues, travel requirements or family sickness make it impossible to be there. With SidelineApp, no one ever need miss a game.

To ensure games can be enjoyed by as many fans as possible, SidelineApp is currently available as a web app only. We have carefully chosen to live stream in a cost-effective, distraction-free environment that ensure schools retain control over their content and can deliver it in the most secure environment possible.

SidelineApp is unique from any other live streaming platform in that it also offers users video on demand and integrated social feeds.

SidelineApp has formed technical partnerships with a number of global industry leaders to provide world-class streaming and security, promising users the best possible viewing and user experience.

SidelineApp opens up a number of opportunities for schools wanting to engage parents and the wider school community in the development of their grassroots sports programmes.
As well as offering existing fans an effective way to support their sports teams, the
technology allows schools to widen their supporter base. Schools also benefit
financially as 20% of every access fee is donated to the school to further invest in its
sports programme/s.

If you’d like to hear more about how SidelineApp can benefit your school, please email

All content remains the property of the schools that subscribe to our service. Schools are responsible for filing the live streamed matches.

All schools in the pilot will receive professional video training from experts at film company, 90 seconds, ensuring the best viewing and user experience for subscribers.

Anyone can register to access content via